Do not make these mistakes when buying an E-Bike

With the summer season approaching, the time for the adventure in Canada is also here. The riding enthusiasts will purchase a confidence e-bike with a warranty for the adventure, or perhaps you are looking to gift a loved one a new electric bike.

Either way, it’s a significant investment, and you want to be sure that you get the best e-bike type. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequent errors people make when purchasing a new e-bike.

Buying An E-Bike With A Small Battery!

This is one of the most crucial elements to consider when shopping for an e-bike since the larger the battery, the longer you can ride before having to recharge. Depending on the model, vBike’s batteries can go between 50 km and 160 km on a single charge. The largest battery, the 48V/30Ah(2X15Ah), has a capacity of 1,440 watt-hours.

vBike’s models include a 48V/14Ah to 30Ah batteries that provides 50kms to 160 kms of riding on a single charge. Of course, riding range is affected by road conditions, wind, and rider weight. However, we provide an accurate distance figure that many cyclists are aware of. Even if you set the pedal-assist to a lesser level, you may exceed that range.


Buying An E-Bike That Doesn’t Suit Your Lifestyle

How do you intend to use your Electric Bike? What sort of terrain and ground will you be riding on most? These are only two factors to examine before deciding on a model. For the task, a commuter bike with the right tires, range, and comfort level, like the CITO 18, should suffice if you’re mainly traveling on the pavement. If you plan to ride primarily on dirt or uneven roads, on the sand, snow and grasses the LEVO 20, LEVO 20s, LEXO 20, LEXO 20s, LEXO ST, LEXO STs, CITO 20, and CITO 20 Plus models with their thick tires (4”) are ideal. As previously stated, battery range is an essential factor. However, if you plan on riding your e-bike to work every day, be sure to include in the number of miles you’ll need to go each charge. That way, you will find out whether you need to have your charger with you or not.

Buying The Wrong Size E-Bike

A painful riding experience may be rather literal. Avoid going there. Bikes are available in various sizes for a reason, and you want one that fits appropriately. That means one that is easy to get on and off the bike, allows for optimum and comfortable leg extension; and allows you to ride with your natural posture without injuring your back or neck. When purchasing an e-bike from vBike, speak with one of our specialists and inform them of your height — bike frames come in various sizes. Recognize that the seat height may be adjusted to fine-tune the vertical size. Comparing this to your inseam, you’ll want to choose the frame that comes closest to but does not exceed your inseam. Do you have hip or mobility problems? Consider low height electric bikes, which are easy to get on and off.

Buying An E-Bike That’s Really Cheap

In Canada, several models are available for less than $1,000 that are very awful: Either they have a limited range or power output, or they are constructed with low-quality components that provide little longevity. These purchasers often experience immediate remorse. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on an e-bike, invest a bit more on one that has a good reputation and checks all of the boxes for build quality, performance, ride smoothness, premium components, and overall durability. Be certain that all vBike’s best ebikes meet all of these criteria. Indeed, when comparing e-bikes based on performance (range, speed, power, etc.) and superior components, vBike delivers unmatched value!

So, if you want to buy the best e-bikes in Canada, choose vBike electric bikes.

Buying An E-Bike Without Considering About Warranty And Customer Satisfaction

Things may go wrong with any product, regardless of the brand’s reputation or the use of quality components. To guarantee access to assistance, you must purchase an e-bike that includes a warranty and domestic customer care. The importance of a live person responding to your SOS call cannot be overstated. vBike includes all of this with every electric bike it sells. The organization is staffed by a team of customer support representatives and skilled e-bike specialists located in Canada.

vBike offers the best folding electric bike in Canada to make the storage of your e-bike ideal.

Not Understanding E-Bike Specs Before You Buy

Take note of all the specifications of a bike you’re considering – whether it’s the engine size, tire size, tire type, component names, significant features, and potential upgrades. Additionally, check to determine whether it meets all of your requirements and understand why certain specifications matter. For example, did you know that disc brakes are a crucial safety component on an e-bike since stopping power is considerably more essential on a ebike? Did you know that increasing the capacity of your battery directly affects the number of kilometers(range) you can ride on a single charge? Did you know that many e-bikes lack a throttle for on-demand power? Understanding the most critical e-bike specifications will undoubtedly result in the best purchase of an e-bike. Additionally, ensure sufficient space for any accessories you want to purchase. For instance, riders often upgrade their bike’s handlebars with a side-view mirror or phone holder. What about a rear rack, fenders and lights? All vBike models come with a free rear rack, fenders, front and tail lights integrated with brake light! In a rainy country like Canada fenders and lights are essential.
Examine each cycle, and don’t be scared to inquire about any detail with our specialists.

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