Ride more with E-Bikes and transform your lifestyle

E-bikes are gaining popularity, and it’s easy to understand why – who wouldn’t want a little more speed to take the edge off any ride?

Still in need of persuasion? Consider the following additional reasons to join the electric bike revolution.

1. They’ll help you go further, faster, longer

Of course, electric bicycles have many advantages over traditional riding. With an extra boost of power, you’ll be able to cover more considerable distances and ride for more extended periods.

Additionally, they’ll enable you to go quicker than most bikers and, in certain situations, automobiles. On an ebike, you can quickly reach anywhere and can cover a distance from 50km to 160km on a single charge with different e-bike models available on vBike.

2. They get you riding more

According to a recent survey by the Transport Research Laboratory, most people ride their bikes less than 25 times each year, with 46% being used just once or twice a week.

In contrast, 30% of persons who own electric bikes ride them daily, while 81% ride them at least once a week. This implies that e-bikes riders are twice as likely to go out and ride as regular cyclists.

3. They can help keep you fit

Due to the increased riding, even if the electric motor assists you occasionally, it is beneficial for your heart, lungs, and blood pressure since several scientific studies have shown a correlation between regular exercise and decreased stress levels.

E-bikes are also excellent for those who like riding a bike but cannot do so because their fitness level is less than it might be or is less than it was due to age or disease.

4. They can help save you money

You can get a new, decent-quality e-Bike with an affordable price, and maintenance expenses are comparable to those of a traditional cycle (for consumable parts like tiers, chains and brake pads).

High gas prices, shifting commute patterns, and a difficult car-buying market are also a reason that most people are changing their daily commute from their cars to e-bikes. In other words, it’s far less expensive than purchasing, insuring, and maintaining a petrol or diesel automobile and significantly less expensive than purchasing a season ticket or making frequent excursions on public transportation.

When it comes to the expense of charging your bike’s battery, we’re talking cents on your power bill.

5. They’re great for commuting

They will save you money, but they will also keep you out of the anguish of gridlock or crowded trains and buses. Even if you are functionally operating a motor vehicle, you do not need a license and are still permitted to utilize the bicycle lanes.

And since you can lean on that engine somewhat, you won’t work up a sweat and wind-up ponging like a sports sock on your way to work. Lengthy drive home at the end of a long day’s work will also seem less frightening! Additionally, e-bikes are environmentally beneficial, help reduce air pollution, and are a green mode of transportation; so, there are no negatives to riding one.

6. They’re safer than regular bikes

The majority of motorcycle accidents on the road occur at intersections such as crossroads or roundabouts. This is often due to the fact that it takes a few critical seconds for a stopped cyclist to regain momentum.

Having that little motor assist you in accelerating can expedite your exit from the danger zone. Also, all the vBike models have front and rear lights, integrated with the brake light for a smooth ride flow.

Finally, since you’ll be able to keep up with traffic flow more easily, fewer automobiles, buses, and trucks will need to pass you, resulting in a safer ride.

7. They’re great for dealing with hills

Sail upward like some cycling superhero! When it comes to climbing, ebikes genuinely shine. Typically equipped with a range of power levels to aid with pedaling, if you find yourself facing a challenging climb, you can crank up your bike’s motor to its maximum setting and sail upward like some despite the added weight of the engine.

This is one of the reasons why ebikes are gaining favor among mountain bikers since they enable riders to spend more time navigating downhills (the more enjoyable part) rather than fighting climbs (the somewhat less fun bit).

8. They’re great for crosswinds and headwinds

With a motor to assist you, e-bikes are ideal for overcoming nature’s other big foe for bikers — the wind.

Gusts are finest when they come from behind you, but when they come from the side or press against you from the front, they may disrupt your pleasure and even be harmful.

However, increasing the amount of power your engine produces may significantly reduce both crosswinds and headwinds.

9. They’ll help you explore the world

Additionally, E-bike make excellent touring bikes. Standard features include wider tires, rear rack for mounting panniers and baskets, along with free front and rear fenders to protect you from all the dirt and splashed mud on the way.

This means that riding long distances will be more pleasant and more manageable since the engine may be called upon to assist when the weight of your camping gear causes your legs to feel like they’re about to stop.

10. They’re tremendous fun to ride

While riding an eBike is identical to riding a traditional bike, once the motor is engaged, you’ll notice that you’ll receive three, four, five, or even ten more pedal strokes for each time you press on the pedals.

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