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Electric bikes provide many benefits for their users. Besides being able to reduce air pollution, using an electric bike can help us save money. Because there is no need to buy gasoline or spend more to use public transportation. Of course, it can be one of the solutions for driving during a pandemic like now.

So, to make it safer to ride an e-bike, you should equip the bicycle with equipment or electric bike spare parts. Here vBike has summarized 6 electric bike accessories that you should have.

1. Use bicycle mirrors to avoid collisions when changing lanes

Not only motorized vehicles that need mirrors, you know, mirrors on a bicycle are also needed to help you when you want to change lanes or turn around.

2. Don’t forget to wear a helmet for an electric bike when cycling!

Security is the most important thing. Avoid injuries while riding by using a quality e-bike helmet. The visor on the helmet will also protect your eyes from the glare of the sun.

3. To stay safe, you should use a bicycle lock when parking it

Not all electric bikes are equipped with advanced safety standards. Therefore, you should equip your electric bikes with one or more bicycle locks. So, it will be safer when in the parking area.

4. Prepare a spare battery in anticipation if the default battery performance has decreased

Has the performance of the e-bike battery started to weaken? Don’t worry because spare parts for certain series of vBike electric bikes can be obtained at quite affordable prices.

5. Save cycling necessities to store various necessities

Use an e-bike bag to store various necessities such as a repair kit or a portable bicycle pump that can help you solve various obstacles when cycling.

6. Equip your electric bike with a front light and rear light and also a brake light for added safety.

Not all electric bikes are equipped with LED lights, and unfortunately, some types of electric bikes do not have brake lights to support driving safety either. We recommend that you equip your e-bike with front and rear LED lights and brake lights to make it safer when used at night. Some electric bikes are equipped with turning signals which bring more safety to the riders.

7. Mount a mobile holder on your handlebar.

Installing a mobile holder can help you to use a navigator and find your route on your journey.

8. Install front and rear fenders.

Fenders protect you against dirt, mud, and water splashes.

So, these are 8 electric bike accessories and parts to support the safety & performance of your favorite e-bike.