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Reviews (245)

  1. Tina

    Perfect. It Really works.

  2. Leo

    I really love my new ebike. Great product.

  3. Lilou

    These are great devices for the price. They give you a very good view of your surrounding.

  4. Liam

    These are great little devices for the price. The alarm is exactly what I was looking for and it does the job.

  5. Steve

    The noise is strong and the remote control range is very good. it is susceptible to movement and resistant to rain. Any movement and emits a very loud noise. Highly recommend it

  6. John

    Great product for the price and that thing is loud as heck it’s perfect!

  7. Connor

    love my purchase

  8. Mark

    I like it, Thanks

  9. Luc Larochelle

    I am totally impressed by the bike performance for a nominal 500w can shure feel the 800 w peak . This bike is fast nice looking and the sale people were real patient with me as i had anxiéty about my first electronic transaction ever done for the loan of the bike but the sales person reashure me.. I am so please of my purchase the fat tire provide stability off road. I Love my bike its changing my life with the 50 miles batteries range at max speed. I encouraged a Canadian company and I am proud of my choice i made..

  10. Milo

    What I was looking for was a high range and great ebike. I bought CITO 20 Plus and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I 100% recommend it.

  11. Arlo Moore

    This bike is awesome! The range and the technology is amazing, and they really work! The owner and employees are more than generous. Would highly recommend it!

  12. Gabriel

    By far the best purchase I have made in quite a while. The range is awesome. I strongly recommend this as an option to anyone considering an alternative to normal modes of transportation. The entire team is passionate about their product. I 100% recommend it.

  13. Arthur

    No worries about how many kilometers you are riding in one day. I use it for delivery and it made my life easier. I was happy with my LEXO 20 but because I work from morning to evening I had to go home and switch to the second battery, but now with CITO 20plus I don’t need it and I gave it to my sister. If you are looking for a long-range ebike this one is your choice.

  14. Kazuko Glove

    They are very knowledgeable about eBikes and they carry a large selection of ebikes with different styles for every rider. I highly recommend visiting their store for a great buying experience for bikes and gear. After getting information about different models we bought two bikes with different models and we are so happy with both (LEVO 20 and CITO 20). For sure recommend them.

  15. Sofia and Jack

    Excellent customer service. It was very nice to be able to test ride the different model Ebikes before purchasing. They were very knowledgeable and patient with us first-time ebike owners! Finally, we bought our bikes. This summer would be different for us.