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Reviews (163)

  1. William Mcleod

    The bike is awesome bought it in April have over 500 kilo on the bike with no problems. Would recommend this bike to anyone who is shopping for a ebike.

  2. Jack

    Love it .Great quality after almost one year.def recommend it

  3. Jone

    I took beautiful videos during biking on the trains with my camera. I like this camera holder because you can adjust it to the degree you prefer.

  4. Tony

    The price is very good when you compare with other companies and also the quality is great. Now I have 2 batteries. I really need a second battery.

  5. David

    Great price!

  6. Jim

    High-quality tires and the reflective sidewall strip can be visible in darks . I love it.

  7. Shany

    As a 2Ah charger, it is ok. I have no problem with it.

  8. Jim

    Good quality!

  9. Katrin

    Quality is great but I can not install my bottle holder to the handlebar anymore. I prefer the mirrors which can be installed at the end of the handlebar, so you do not lose space for other accessories

  10. John

    I bought LEXO 20 October 2020 and during the Covid, it helped me a lot to do exercise and enjoy time regardless of all the restrictions. I am 60 years old but with pedal assist, I pedal easily and I suppose I am in my thirties! For sure recommend it.

  11. Galen Vidal

    perfect gift for my granddaughter

  12. Mia N.

    I love my LEXO STs. It has a great design and white reflective sidewall strips make it be visible at night. The quality and customer service are perfect. Highly recommend it.

  13. Mary Bianco

    Very happy with my E-bike

  14. Amanda

    I am so happy to buy my LEXO ST. I have been waiting for more than three months and it is worth it. The step-thru design is perfect for easy on and off the bike. For sure recommend it.

  15. John Franza

    I love it. Great product and friendly and supportive customer service. I am very happy to buy my ebike from this company.