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Reviews (260)

  1. Armita

    Exactly as expected. Happy with purchase.

  2. Zoe

    High quality battery. Definitely recommend it.

  3. Andrew

    I tried this lock, it is easy to set a combination password.

  4. Skaven J.

    I really enjoy this bike. Comfortable to ride and its battery last a long time. Very happy with the purchase. I Bought the step-through for my wife and she loves it also. Very good experience.

  5. Jack D. Neimar

    Happy to have bought this bike, I have long distance and I am delighted to see so much power and to go so far with it, 40% of the battery is used for a distance of 45 kilometers in PAS, so 2 bars out of 5 used. It is great!

  6. Lina Zoee

    I drive my bike to and from work every day. I really love it! The fat tires make me feel more stable and the pedal assists bring me comfort in riding uphill roads. I am saving lots of money on gas. Great product and a wise purchase.

  7. David Hunter

    Superb customer service. Fair pricing. Quick turnaround. I Highly recommend them.

  8. Scott

    This is my first experience with an ebike. After comparing with similar options, I settled on CITO 20 and I’m glad I did. This is a great ebike at a fair price and the customer service is excellent.

  9. Misty

    The bike is excellent and well worth every dollar, company’s customer service is superb and friendly.

  10. Max M.

    LEXO 20s fits my requirements for a bike and I like its performance. The bike is fun to ride and I feel lucky to get this one. The frame is really stable, and it seems to be an ebike that gonna be safe for a long time.

  11. Tammy Brown

    My wife and I have had these for over four months now and are completely impressed!
    We have about 500 km on each and if you keep the assist on level 1, the battery lasts and lasts. If you need the extra push due to inclines or hills, the extra levels of assist are simply amazing. We have had lots of adventures and this summer was one the best summers in our life.

  12. Tina

    Perfect. It Really works.

  13. Claud M.

    I love my LEVO 20! From the color, to how sturdy the frame is and to the comfort of the ride. The wide tires give it an even better look and smoothness over bumps. I cannot praise this bike and the service I received enough.I 100% recommend this bike.

  14. Leo

    I really love my new ebike. Great product.

  15. Lilou

    These are great devices for the price. They give you a very good view of your surrounding.