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Reviews (328)

  1. Tina

    I use it with my folding lock and I believe it gives me more security. For sure I recommend it.

  2. Elizabet

    I am 67 years old and this bike has changed my life. I could not ride my normal bike and it was hard for me to go for long rides but with my Cito, I have no problem. The pedal assistant system and the throttle are life-changing. For sure I recommend this electric bike.

  3. Ethan

    Great bike. I recommend it to whom are looking for an electric bike.

  4. Henry

    I like my ebike. High quality after 11 months.No issue.

  5. Michael

    I am so happy with my purchase after a few months and also very satisfied with their customer service. They are always available and answer your questions in a short time by email and on the phone which is perfect.

  6. Jenifer

    Great experience with the quality of the bike, delivery time, and sale service response. No issues yet after owning it for a few months now.

  7. Tania

    Great experience with vbike team and sale service response. I ride it every day to go to work and come back and I have No issues yet after 4 months. Such a good deal!!

  8. Kian and Mary

    we bought two CITO18 which came with free lights and fenders and a rear rack . We love our bikes and the service we received on them was amazing!! We also appreciate the quick email responses to any questions. We recommend 100% vbike.

  9. Nina

    Great features and very fun.

  10. Lili

    I bought my Cito almost 10 months ago. It’s a very well building e-bike with great features. It came with free lights and rack and turn signals and was also fully assembled with no extra charges. I totally love my bike. I love their customer service.

  11. Sam

    Very good quality. The only thing is that I just ask for a tire replacement and it took one afternoon to have my bike back. It is not a big deal but I preferred to have it in one hour not about 3 hour.

  12. Tom

    I am so happy with my LEVO 20s after more than one year. No issue.Great ebike.

  13. Bernard

    High quality. I have been using my Levo every day for more than 3 months with no problem. I recommended it to my brother and he bought same bike one month later and he is so happy with this purchase same as me .

  14. Finn

    I love my CITO18. I ride it every day for more than 3 months and I have no issue with that. the vBike team are very kind and helpful. 100% I recommend them.

  15. Felix

    I bought my Levos 14 months ago and still working very well. Great product with awesome after sale service.